iMovie is a app available from the app store for your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. It is a great alternative to movie maker, and with many more features, some say it is a lot better. Read on to find out more…

iMovie is simple in that you can make your own movies by inserting your photos and videos and then take music from your iPod/iPhone/iPad and put it on top. In addition, there are many sound effects which come with the app. Read on to find out more…

Once you have inserted your video or picture you can then edit it. Just tap on the clip and then drag to shorten it. If its an image you can also select where it can zoom in or out.

After all the images and videos have been inserted and edited, you can now add music or sound effects to your movie. Sound effects include applause, booing, bell tower, arpeggio and much more!

As well as this, you can narrate your movie straight from the mic in your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Finally, add titles and credits and your iMovie is complete! Just upload it to your camera roll, YouTube or Facebook in HD to share it with your friends.

Overall, I would give this app 4.5 stars – to get it to five it should be a bit faster (it sometimes freezes).

Please comment, like and share – I really appreciate all my readers!


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