Gyro Zoomer

I have recently purchased the Gyro Zoomer Remote Control helicopter – the smallest gyro helicopter ever made at 11cm long!

Before I get started, lets just clear up what gyro is. Gyro is what makes the helicopter more stable and controlled in flight, therefore without a gyroscope your flying can be extremely shaky and a high risk of crashing.

Gyro Zoomer Remote

I bought this helicopter from Amazon for £16.99 (click here to go straight to the Gyro Zoomer page) and I think it was fairly worth my money. I wanted a budget but good quality helicopter, and I think this has done the job.

Although the first item I bought was faulty, and only worked for 10 seconds after charging, Paramount Zone (the seller) happily replaced it without even asking for the helicopter back.

Gyro Zoomer Box

The second helicopter was a lot better and is easy to fly, but more advanced users can do many tricks with it. Charge it for 10-15 minutes and you will get about 20 minutes flying time, which is fairly good for a helicopter of it’s size!

Overall I would give this RC helicopter 3 and a half stars, mainly because the first faulty product let it down.

3.5 stars

I will post a video of the Gyro Zoomer in action soon…


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  1. Mike says:

    I am looking forward to the videos. Can you link to any good tricks on YouTube while you get dome practice? Good luck.

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