iMovie is a app available from the app store for your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. It is a great alternative to movie maker, and with many more features, some say it is a lot better. Read on to find out more…

iMovie is simple in that you can make your own movies by inserting your photos and videos and then take music from your iPod/iPhone/iPad and put it on top. In addition, there are many sound effects which come with the app. Read on to find out more…

Once you have inserted your video or picture you can then edit it. Just tap on the clip and then drag to shorten it. If its an image you can also select where it can zoom in or out.

After all the images and videos have been inserted and edited, you can now add music or sound effects to your movie. Sound effects include applause, booing, bell tower, arpeggio and much more!

As well as this, you can narrate your movie straight from the mic in your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Finally, add titles and credits and your iMovie is complete! Just upload it to your camera roll, YouTube or Facebook in HD to share it with your friends.

Overall, I would give this app 4.5 stars – to get it to five it should be a bit faster (it sometimes freezes).

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iOS 5

iOS 5 is the new apple operating system for iPod touch and iPhone. It comes as a free update to all iPod touch owners, iPad owners and iPhone owners (only iPhone 3GS and more recent). It has a few main changes from iOS 4 (the previous system), such as the notifications centre and iMessage. Read on to find out more…

iOS 5 Logo

The main changes from iOS 5 are: iMessage, the notification s centre, reader, being able to use the iPod/iPhone/iPad while it is syncing with the computer and iCloud.

iMessage is a free messaging app with any other apple products (excluding computers, laptops and netbooks) if you have wi-fi or 3G. It is very fast to send and receive and you can send notes, pictures, videos, voice recordings and pretty much anything on your apple device! Just enter your mate’s apple ID and then you can send them a free message which they can reply to (as long as they have iOS 5 too).

iMessage Logo

The notifications centre appears when you swipe down from the top of the screen and it includes weather, stocks, any messages you’ve received and push notifications from apps (these can be configured under settings). Just swipe from bottom to top to get rid of it.

Notifications Center

Ever found it difficult to read off a webpage especially when the text is small and there are ads flying around everywhere? Well, reader will take all the text and puts it in a readable text size without any ads in an iBooks style. Reader appears in the URL box in safari when you are reading a long piece of writing on the Internet. When the button comes up just tap it and you will find it much easier to read.

iOS 5 is much faster than it’s predecessor especially when downloading apps. The waiting part of the download still takes the same amount of time however the loading and installing bit is extremely fast!

iCloud Logo

Finally, the last and one of the best features of iOS 5 is iCloud. iCloud automatically syncs anything you want to a cloud. Therefore, if your iPod suddenly shuts down and is empty when you turn it on, all of the stuff that has been backed up can quickly be restored onto you’re iPod touch/iPhone. Also, you can transfer and share all of your data wirelessly between all your apple devices. In addition, the find your iPhone/iPod touch app can locate your iPod and make it lock, emit a sound, wipe or display a message.

To download iOS 5 to your device, just plug it into iTunes and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Gyro Zoomer RC Helicopter Review

Gyro Zoomer

I have recently purchased the Gyro Zoomer Remote Control helicopter – the smallest gyro helicopter ever made at 11cm long!

Before I get started, lets just clear up what gyro is. Gyro is what makes the helicopter more stable and controlled in flight, therefore without a gyroscope your flying can be extremely shaky and a high risk of crashing.

Gyro Zoomer Remote

I bought this helicopter from Amazon for £16.99 (click here to go straight to the Gyro Zoomer page) and I think it was fairly worth my money. I wanted a budget but good quality helicopter, and I think this has done the job.

Although the first item I bought was faulty, and only worked for 10 seconds after charging, Paramount Zone (the seller) happily replaced it without even asking for the helicopter back.

Gyro Zoomer Box

The second helicopter was a lot better and is easy to fly, but more advanced users can do many tricks with it. Charge it for 10-15 minutes and you will get about 20 minutes flying time, which is fairly good for a helicopter of it’s size!

Overall I would give this RC helicopter 3 and a half stars, mainly because the first faulty product let it down.

3.5 stars

I will post a video of the Gyro Zoomer in action soon…

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You by Ed Sheeran

Just a quick review of Ed Sheeran’s latest song: You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.

You Need Me, I Don't Need You Album Cover


Personally, I think this is Ed Sheeran’s best song yet, however it is 20th in the chart this week (with the A Team coming 7th). It has a fast beat, a range of different instruments and great lyrics! As well as this, it also has a fair amount of rapping, totally unlike the A Team which has a much slower beat.

Overall, I would give this song 4.5 stars.

4.5 Stars


To buy this song on iTunes click here.

iPhone 5 Secrets Revealed…

Internet sources’ have revealed that the iPhone 5 (or as some are calling it – the iPhone 4S) is to be released in mid 2012 or even this October time. Read on to find out more about the new iPhone 5…

Design Leak:

There are a few main changes from the iPhone 4 to the 4S including the screen size. The screen will be larger at 4 inches in addition to a curved back, and a larger home button. Websites have created images, using the leaked info and some of the results are below:

iphone 5

iphone 5 side view

Another main change with Apple’s new product will be the speed. Even demanding costumers will be blown away by the speed of the iPhone 5, because of the A5 Multi-Core Processor (below).

a5 mcp

Finally, the last main feature will be iOS 5, also coming as a free update to iPhone 3GS and iPhone users. It is the new operating system for Apple’s devices and has many features including iCloud, Newsstand, iMessage and much more.

(iOS 5 review and secrets coming soon to rrrandm).

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iPhone 5 Secrets and Outnumbered Chat Coming Soon…

In the next couple of weeks iPhone 5 Secrets will be posted on this blog. All the latest leaked pics, rumours and info released – coming soon.

Also coming: the new series of Outnumbered (BBC One, Fridays at 9pm) talk and reviews!

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